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Private storage facilities: recover the space you are missing at home

Are you renovating your home or are you moving? Are you looking for a space to store your furniture that you can no longer keep at home? Discover the Casaforte Self Storage service.

Casaforte is a Swiss company that provides temporary stores and warehouses of various sizes. The service we offer is very simple: once you have chosen the size of the deposit you need, we will give you an access code that you can use to access your deposit in complete autonomy, whenever you need it.

What to store in our Casaforte Self storage 

Casaforte spaces are perfect as a temporary solution to safely store everything you need, for the time you need. Let’s assume that you are renovating your home and don’t know where to move all your things: self storage comes to your aid. The boxes we provide are perfect as: furniture storage, storage for bicycles, appliances or bulky sports equipment, tires, clothes and much more.

How does our service work?

Contact us

with Whatsapp or from our website indicating your references and the center where you have to deposit your goods

Book your deposit

with the help of our consultants choose the box of the most suitable size and for the time you need

Store your goods

with the information provided you can access the structure independently and use your storage space

How much do our deposits cost?

Small Deposits

Spaces from 1 to 5 m² suitable for storing your goods that fit in a small car. We are talking about a space suitable for storing garden equipment, sports equipment, trunks, toys but also small furniture to which you are particularly attached.

from CHF 3.- per day

Medium Deposits

Spaces from 6 to 10 m² suitable for storing your goods that you can carry with a Pick Up. The Storage Medium is designed as a medium-sized storage suitable to contain boxes and appliances, wardrobe change, books and personal collections.

from CHF 11.- per day

Large Deposits

Spaces from 11 to 15 m² suitable for storing your goods that you can transport with a van. The Large Storage is the perfect space when you are facing a move or a renovation to pack bulky objects and furniture of different sizes.

from CHF 14. - per day

Would you like to get a customized quote?

Why pick Casaforte


Set the alarm with your personal code. Only you or your co-workers with the code can access it.


Choose the space you need and keep it for as long as you need. You compose the offer that you customize.


We have temporary spaces ready for use from CHF 2.- per day, renewable month by month, or for as long as you want.

Deposito per traslochi

A temporary storage for your move 

Are you moving and need to temporarily store your things? How will you organize the whole project? We talk about bulky items such as furniture, clothes, books and much more. In this scenario, Self Storage is a valuable ally: you will have private storage of different sizes suitable for temporarily hosting all your things.

A temporary storage for your sports equipment 

How much space do your passions require? Casaforte knows this very well. Skis, snowboards, canoes, car trolleys / motorcycles or simply tires: depending on the equipment you want to store in a self storage you can calculate the size you really need and store all your things in a clean, dry and alarmed environment, without worrying about anything.

Deposito merci in Ticino

The space you are missing for all your things at home

What if you just don’t have enough space at home? Self Storage can make your life easier. We offer you in fact a space of the size you prefer that you can use for your items: from the clothes of the season change, to the memories of when your children were small.

Call us today to request a free, customized quote.

Text us on WhatsApp or call us, our attentive and professional team is here to address all your enquiries, requests or curiosities.