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That little more space you’re missing at home

Things You Can Store

Casaforte’s temporary units come in handy on many occasions. Here are the things you can store with us:

Let’s imagine you’re moving house or remodelling.

Where will you temporarily store all your belongings? How will you organise the whole project? We’re talking about bulky objects such as furniture, clothing, books and so forth. In this scenario, Self-Storage fits in perfectly you can choose from diverse sizes of private storage units to temporarily house all your belongings. 

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Why Pick Casaforte


Set your alarm system with your personal code. Only you, or those in possession of your code, can access it.


Choose the space you need for as long as you need. Choose when to terminate the contract.


We have ready-to-use short-term storage units starting from CHF 2.- per day, renewable month-to-month.

Pick the Best Storage Unit Size for Your Needs

Small Storage Units

Units ranging from 1 to 5 m², ideal for storing items or the contents that can fit in a hatchback car. This space can accommodate garden tools, sports equipment, trunks, toys, and smaller furniture items that are your personal keepsakes.

Starting price: CHF 2.- / day

Medium Storage Units

Units ranging from 6 to 10 m², great for storing items or the contents that can fit in a pickup truck. The space is designed as a medium-sized warehouse to store boxes and electronical appliances, seasonal wardrobe changes, books and personal collectibles.

Starting price: CHF 9.- / day

Large Storage Units

Units ranging from 11 to 15 m², perfect for storing items or the contents that can fit in a van. This is the perfect space to store bulky items and furniture of various sizes when you are moving house or remodelling.

Starting price: CHF 12.- / day

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