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Self Storage Warehouses for Individuals and companies

The best solution to your space problems.

Storage and warehouses tailored for you 

Are you looking for a storage facility in Switzerland to store your belongings? Casaforte has the solution to all your space problems.

We can provide you with private storage and warehouses for companies from 1 to 100 m² suitable for storing your small and large items for as long as you need: you can use the space you choose as a mobile storage, temporary warehouse or store paper documents that you don’t know where to keep but you can’t delete.

Discover our deposits in Switzerland

In Switzerland today we are present with four Self Storage centers located in strategic areas:
Lugano, Grancia, Bedano (Lugano Nord) and Basel.

Self Storage in Lugano

Cantonale Street 24, 6900 Lugano

Self Storage in Grancia

Cantonale Street 1, 6916 Grancia

Self Storage in Lugano Nord

Ai Prati Street 1, 6930 Bedano

Self Storage in Basel

Hardstrasse 12-14, 4052 Basel

Why to choose Casaforte Self Storage

If you are organizing a move, you need to clear a room or you want to free the office from all your paper documents, Self Storage is the solution to all your problems. Our deposits are:

Easily accessible

Once the contract is concluded you can access the property independently. Large parking spaces and ramps will allow you to unload and transport your things with ease.

Extremely safe

Once you have deposited your goods, you can set the alarm with your personal code. Only you or people you trust in possession of your personal code can access the deposit you have reserved.


We have temporary spaces ready for use from CHF 2.- per day that you can renew month by month, or for as long as you need.

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How much our warehouses cost?

Self Storage is a flexible service: the fee is calculated according to the size of the box that the customer has chosen from the shelf life of his goods. 

Choose the combination that best suits your needs from a few francs per day, or contact our experts to help you choose.

Small Deposits

Spaces from 1 to 5 m² suitable for storing your goods that fit in a small car.

from CHF 3.- / day

Medium Deposits

Spaces from 6 to 10 m² suitable for storing your goods that you transport with a Pick Up.

from CHF 11.- / day

Large Deposits

Spaces from 11 to 15 m² suitable for storing your goods that you transport with a van.

from CHF 14. - / day

Not only Self Storage: tailored services for all your needs

Document archive

Casaforte deposits are perfect if you are looking for a storage space for your paper documents. With us you can manage the entire paper storage without too much thought.


Are you moving and need a storage unit to store your furniture? The best solution is to rely on Casaforte’s Self Storage service.


If you want to move or free up your space make sure you pack your stuff properly. We provide you with all the packaging material you need.​

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