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Store your paper documents in our deposits

Is your archive bursting? No longer know where to put your paper documents? Our temporary deposits are the solution. Casaforte Self Storage is perfect if you are looking for a storage space for your paper documents. It provides you with a clean, dry and safe place, with the size that best suits your needs, where you can temporarily store your paper documents.

Self storage that solves your archive problems

All companies have an archive of paper documents for the preservation of documentation that cannot be disposed of. Archiving documents of great importance, such as invoices and accounting documents, is an activity that requires care and attention. With our self storage service, you can manage the entire storage of your documents without too much thought, optimizing the space in the company and ensuring that your archives are safe.

How our storage service works

Casaforte Self Storage is perfect if you are looking for paper storage systems for your documents. Casaforte allows you to rent a guarded, dry and secure space where you can store your folders, files and archives.

Contact us

with Whatsapp or from the site indicating your references and the center where you have to store your documents.

Book your space

with the help of our consultants choose the box of the most suitable size and for the time you need.

Deposit your documents

with the instructions provided you access the structure independently and use your storage space.

Frequently asked questions

Having a deposit is the best choice to organize your archive in a simple, practical and convenient way. This way, you can earn valuable office space and better manage your daily business. It also allows you to store paperwork and paper documents in a safe, accessible and affordable place.

All documentation is placed inside video boxes monitored 24 hours a day. Each door is equipped with personal locking and there are alarm systems, sensors and video surveillance in all facilities.


Casaforte provides packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, to store all your documents in total safety. You can store archives, shelves and classeur and consult them whenever you want. 

Only those who are in possession of the personal code that is delivered to you immediately after signing the contract.

Casaforte offers many options; in the case of small objects, such as boxes of documents and folders, you just need the box from 1 to 5 m² from CHF 2. – per day. Our experts are always available to support you at this stage and guide you in choosing.

With Casaforte you can cancel your subscription by sending a communication to the center 5 days before the contract expires and simply free up the space.

Do you want to get a customized quote to store your documents?

How much does document storage cost

Self storage is a flexible service: the fee is calculated according to the amount of documents you need to store and the duration of the deposit. Your paper documents can be placed in storage boxes or classeur to ensure storage and facilitate search and consultation.

Once you have quantified the footprint, our experts will follow you in choosing the box that best suits your needs.


Cubic-shaped spaces that occupy 1 m³ of space, suitable for storing your paper documents. The Locker is designed as a storage suitable to contain documents, archives, filing cabinets, folders and small objects.

from CHF 2 .- per day

Depositi Small

Spaces from 1 to 5 m² suitable for storing your goods in a small car. Let’s talk about a space suitable to contain boxes with inside your paper documentation, books, classeur, binders and all those document.

from CHF 3.- per day

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