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Self Storage Casaforte in Bedano

The Self Storage Centre of Bedano is located in Lugano Nord, in Via ai Prati 1: a real gem very close to the city and convenient for both the residential and the industrial area. Modern, clean and technologically advanced, the center offers 46 individual warehouses suitable for both private and business.

The Self Storage center in Lugano Nord has a large parking area that can be used by both customers and movers.
Free trolleys are available on site for transporting goods to your box.
Autonomous access via personal code allows maximum flexibility in the use of your space.

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Where is our Lugano Nord centre

How much do our deposits cost in Lugano Nord?

The cost of the Self Storage service varies depending on the size of the box and the duration of the contract. In the Self Storage centre in Lugano Nord, prices vary from 2 to 16 francs per day.

Small Deposit

Spaces from 1 to 5 m² suitable for storing your goods that fit in a small car.

Ideal for:

  • documentary archives
  • empty small offices
  • store boxes
  • cram the bedroom

from CHF 2.- / day

Medium Deposit

Spaces from 6 a 10 m² suitable for storing your goods that you transport with a Pick Up.

Designed for:

  • merchandising
  • store boxes
  • season change
  • small furnishing

from CHF 9.- / day

Large Deposit

Spaces from 11 a 15 m² suitable for your goods that you transport with a van.

Ideal for:

  • moving
  • renovation
  • store equipment
  • seasonal goods

from CHF 12. - / day

XL Deposit

Spaces from 16 a 40 m² suitable for your goods that you transport with a large van.

Thought in case of:

  • relocation
  • large moving
  • additional werehouses
  • bulky equipment

from CHF 16. - / day

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