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Recover the space you’re missing at your company

Whether you are a small or a large company we know that sooner or later you will have to deal with the problem of space that, in the company, is never enough. The good news is that you don’t have to submit to renting or buying new commercial space that, as you well know, in Switzerland often have prohibitive costs.

Casaforte has the solution you are looking for: small or large stores that you can use to store your things. The temporary warehouses of Casaforte are a strategic ally for freelancers, offices, artisans and small or medium enterprises that need to deposit merchandise, seasonal goods, exhibition furniture, equipment for events and much more.

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How does the business service work?

Contact us

with Whatsapp or our website indicating your references and the center where you have to deposit your goods

Book your Werehouse

with the help of our consultants choose the box of the most suitable size and for the time you need

Store your goods

with the information provided you can access the structure independently and use your storage space

How much do our deposits cost?

Small Deposits

Spaces from 1 to 5 m² designed for offices, freelancers and startups. Inside you can in fact store documents, boxes and objects.

from CHF 2.- per day

Medium Deposits

Stores from 6 to 10 m², ideal solutions to store your business material or store merchandise, furniture and bulky items.

from CHF 9.- per day

Large Deposits

Spaces from 9 to 15 m² designed to store entire office furniture, large printers, seasonal goods and work tools.

from CHF 12. - per day

Why to choose Casaforte


Set the alarm with your personal code. Only you or your co-workers with the code can access it.


Choose the space you need and keep it for as long as you need. You compose the offer that you customize.


We have temporary spaces ready for use from CHF 2.- per day, renewable month by month, or for as long as you want.

What to store in warehouses 

Is your business exploding? No longer know where to store your business material? We have a solution that suits your needs. Casaforte warehouses are perfect if you are looking for storage systems for your paper documents or clean storage systems suitable for storing your material. With our warehouse or storage service, you can easily manage everything that is no longer in your company, keeping everything you want in safe, clean and controlled environments.

Deposito merci in Ticino

A deposit at your disposal when needed

Our service is also suitable for all companies that are looking for a warehouse to store commercial equipment of all kinds, products purchased wholesale, building materials or store food products such as wine and preserves. Our warehouses for goods storage are accessible at any time: you can come and go whenever you want. You will have a code that will allow you to access the property at any time you prefer, even when the center is not open to the public.

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document archive to solve your space problems

Is your archive room exploding? No longer know where to put your classeur? We have a solution that suits your needs. Casaforte deposits are perfect if you are looking for a storage space for your paper documents. With our self storage storage service you can manage the entire paper storage without too much thought. Do you have to keep your invoices and accounting documents? Make room in the office and immediately request a private, dry, clean and safe self storage warehouse, with the size that best suits your needs.

A temporary Warehouse for seasonal events 

Are you facing a period of increased production? Are you running a construction site and need a warehouse for goods near the point of interest? The smartest choice you can make is to request a temporary warehouse in Casaforte. In fact, Self Storage is perfect as a temporary industrial warehouse: it provides you with a clean, dry and video-monitored place where you can temporarily store equipment, extra supplies, various equipment, which you can access whenever you want.

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