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Self Storage Casaforte in Grancia

Grancia is located south of Lugano in Pian Scairolo; the town is renowned for the famous shopping area that houses, among many activities, the Lugano Sud Shopping Center and the Commercial Park. Thanks to its strategic location and proximity to the motorway junction, the area is a very important landmark for shopping in Ticino. Could Casaforte not be present with a brand new Self Storage centre?

Our Self Storage in Grancia provides commercial or private temporary warehouses from 2 to 20 m² indispensable for storing bulky objects or equipment. Casaforte Grancia is characterized, among other things, by the large parking area, a flap suitable for unloading even the most bulky vehicles, and a convenient and useful ramp to load and unload bulky goods.

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Where is our Grancia centre?

What are the prices and sizes available?

The cost of the Self Storage service varies depending on the size of the box and the duration of the contract. Choose the combination that best suits your needs starting from a few francs a day, or rely on our staff for advice without obligation.

Small Deposit

Spaces from 1 to 5 m² suitable for storing your goods that fit in a small car.

Ideal for:

  • documentary archives
  • empty small offices
  • store boxes
  • cram the bedroom

from CHF 3.- / day

Medium Deposit

Spaces from 6 a 10 m² suitable for storing your goods that you transport with a Pick Up.

Designed for:

  • merchandising
  • store boxes
  • season change
  • small furnishing

from CHF 11.- / day

Large Deposit

Spaces from 11 a 15 m² suitable for your goods that you transport with a van.

Ideal for:

  • moving
  • renovation
  • store equipment
  • seasonal goods

from CHF 14. - / day

XL Deposit

Spaces from 16 a 40 m² suitable for your goods that you transport with a large van.

Thought in case of:

  • relocation
  • large moving
  • additional werehouses
  • bulky equipment

from CHF 16. - / day

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